When Sett Digital was approached by Kris Rossouw to collaborate on artwork for the luxuriously exotic Zioux restaurant in Sandton, Johannesburg we were excited to be involved on such a creative project. Kris’s timeline for delivery was pressurised, and he was in need of technical assistance and creative execution to facilitate the placement of the animal heads on the portraits, and to complete the composition, and digital retouching to that worthy of an artwork.

The visuals were incorporated from stock library sources with differing light, tone and texture, and Sett Digital’s expertise were vital for attention to detail in bringing the visuals together naturally and seamlessly; and to extend the backgrounds for full visual coverage in the portraits. Kris went on to have the artworks printed, and add his creative flair using his traditional painting and finishing techniques and creative style. The art on the walls of the restaurant complete the opulent zoological theme to perfection.

Zioux restaurant www.zioux.com