Show Africa is innovating new approaches to redefine the promotion of African Fashion and Design practice globally. Sett Digital had the pleasure of working with the Show Africa team on their Whether the Storm project. The work was a collaboration from local fashion designers showcasing their latest pieces and collections, including Michelle Ludek, Aliverti Fashion, Stefania Morland, Belinda Ludek, Ruff Tung, Shana, Kluk CGDT and Kat van Duinen.

The project includes stills and video featuring female models clad in powerful statement pieces amongst an electric thunderstorm and it was launched alongside Women’s Day in South Africa in August 2021.

The composition, mood and lighting of the images evokes a juxtaposition of intimacy and strength, exhibiting the uniqueness of each fashion item and the avantgarde design they represent. Sett Digital thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with a team of such influential artists, especially during a challening time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Creative Direction: Deon Redman; Photography: Richard Keppel Smith; Stylist: Mr Min; Hair & make-up Direction: Saskia Buxton; Models: Graobe Noelle, Letshego Melesi; Digital Operator: Robert Oettle; First Lighting: Luc Smith; Set Direction: Rebecca Loake, Kris Rossouw; Stylist Assistant: Demitra Basson; Studio & Lighting: Flash Rental; Image Retouching: Sett Digital