What do Waterman pens, Russ Smith & Sett Digital all have in common? They’re all master craftsfolk; and all worked with precision on this fully remote collaboration.

It was great for Sett Digital to work with Russell again – with him producing top quality photographic plates for our team to work with on the multiple plate composition.

The challenge of this creative brief was to execute a believable image that emulated a crocodile moving in water. This unique French fashion-inspired special edition Carene Waterman pen comes with a leather barrel design. Crafted with the distinctive Carene body, palladium trims, and an inset 18k gold nib. The status of the brand demanded an immaculate finish to the images. The composition and elusion had to be subtle and stylish.

All parties stepped up in their contributions and the result was an image that belonged among the prestige of the Waterman pen collateral.

Photography: Russel Smith Photography
High-end photographic retouching craft: Sett Digital