Sett Digital did the high end photographic retouching for Jameson in collaboration with masterful photographer Ian Difford for producers Hungry Films. The campaign demanded attention to each and every detail to maintain the prestige of this iconic brand, and be sure that the images elevated the three bottles within this traditional setting to the level they deserved.

Sett Digital finished a series of images upraising the Jameson classic, Jameson Reserve and Jameson Caskmates bottles under the household name tagline “Triple Distilled, Twice as Smooth” for this Out of Home campaign. The bottles sit under the latin ‘Sine Metu’ latin for Without Fear alluding to Jameson’s fearless process choice to distill not one, not two but three times. The images ran alongside video content to present an impressive and soothing, classic campaign.

Jameson Family 2

Photographer: Ian Difford; Producer: Hungry Films; Retouching: Sett Digital