ABSA Credentials Campaign

An audacious plan Nick – Yes the only way to facilitate with the Logistics requirements, the Budget and the extremely tight Timeline.
The Agency brief was clear – Clients needs clearly articulated . We needed to have all Landscapes developed prior to going into studio to shoot region specific Talent. 9 African City’s – 2 X Indian Ocean Islands – 2 X Thematic Images for multiple regions

Yes we can do this – TRUST – GO TEAM
Over 8 days we worked directly with 9 independent photographers in 9 locations.
9 Sets of pano photographic plates.

Plus Foreground elements for Talent placement – Nick shot all elements in and around Cape Town . Thanks for going out again and again Nick when we needed to get the shots.

• Stitch Pano plates – Foreground / Mid-ground / background – structural retouching to facilitate Campaign context, composition and layout requirements.

• Then into Studio in Jozi for 2 days to shoot the Talent – match lighting and perspective – yes 9 different set ups.
Testing each Talent set in situ on background plates – shortlisting and finalizing talent selects on the day.

• Dynamic feedback loops – Consolidating Client, Agency and all collective direction after each shoot day and formulating our Studio Brief for the team back in Cape Town.

Then crunch time – 8 days to execute – 19 Final Print Layouts.

Final Lighting Treatment and Grade – SEND :))

In the end – a very happy client – relationships strong – and now a well rested team 🙂
The Visual Campaign tells the story – Innovation at its best.

ClientFCB JohannesburgPhotographerNick AldridgeYear2018Linksettdigital.co.za