Sett Digital had the opportunity to work on a couple of creative CGI render projects for Bain & Bunkell on Leroy Merlin. Leroy Merlin is part of the Adeo group of brands supporting homeware, with Leroy Merlin specialising in providing for Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts tackling any home maintenance project.

The tone of the brief provided by the creative team at Bain & Bunkell was light – aligned with leisure time home maintenance projects, and the quirky nature of the project demanded expertise in CGI render to achieve fun and creative, but life-like images.

Sett Digital produced a series of images for Leroy Merlin’s birthday celebration detailing cakes in the form of household tools & items; and for a second project an imitation Victorinox Swiss Army Knife in Leroy Merlin branding with each tool a different product available at Leroy Merlin – displaying their wide & varied product offering in support of DIY.

The results are believable life like images with a tongue in cheek tone.

CGI Model & Render for Bain and Bunkell
Art Direction by Sihin and Son
CGi and Retouching by Sett Digital