Iliadin® provides decongestant nose products and saline solutions. In its latest campaign, it wanted to depict the nightmare, figuratively, a blocked nose can be, but in a literal and visual way. The campaign video shows a man’s sleep disrupted by a nightmare where his head is inside an ever filling fish bowl of water. On awakening, it’s clear it was just a dream.

Sett Digital was given the complex task of photo compositioning a number of photographic plates taken from various sets in order to illustrate the ‘dream sequence’, including high end photographic retouching, colour grading and lighting. The result is a believable visual urging the viewer to have Iliadin Metered Nose Spray on hand and to ‘Unblock to End the Nightmare’.

Photographer: Bryan Traylor; Art Director: Karl Ng and Toni Ting; Photo Assistants: Paul Colyn; Studio + Equipment: Panalux Studios & Photo Hire; Retouching: Sett Digital; Producer: RiceBoy