Acquired by The Foschini Group in 1967, American Swiss Jewellery is a prominent brand within the TFG stable. Sett Digital has had the pleasure of working with some of TFG’s key brands, and American Swiss always demands attention to detail and quality at the heart of everything they do.

Sett Digital is a business with a passion and appetite for the South African context. Impressively, the vast majority of the jewellery sold by American Swiss is still made in South Africa, with only a small percent imported from other countries. American Swiss first opened its doors in Cape Town, in 1896, and more than 120 years later, with over 200 stores in Southern Africa, American Swiss is a leading jewellery retailer and household name among South African jewellery.

American Swiss aims to create jewellery that celebrates life’s precious moments, a key consideration for Sett Digital when doing the high end photographic retouching.

High end photographic retouching for American Swiss Jewellers
Photographer: Duane Howard Photography
Stylist: Nicola Parker and Duane Howard
Art Director: Nicola Parker
Studio + Equipment: Buchanan Studios
Retouching by Sett Digital