Count Pushkin Vodka’s advertising campaign #Livewithcolour highlights the products multiple vodka flavours each packaged in their own unique high vis colour wrap.

Sett Digital was brought on board for this project by photographer Duane Howard who had been tasked with capturing high colour, multidimensional surface images of Count Pushkin cocktails – showcasing a variety of their vodka flavours – within a minimalist still life set, as envisioned by their brand team.

Duane reached out to discuss shot set ups and Sett Digital suggested a multiple plate set up, to avoid a complex set build; and a locked off camera position to build the plates. Sett Digital assisted with photo illustration, composition and to integrate colour and lighting for the multidimensional surfaces.

Photography & Styling by Duane Howard &
Hero Creative Management.
Retouching & composition craft by Sett Digital.