American Swiss first opened its doors in Cape Town, in 1896, and more than 120 years later, with over 200 stores in Southern Africa, American Swiss is a leading jewellery retailer and household name among South African jewellery. Sett Digital has the pleasure of working with this iconic brand enhancing their images to align with their campaign role outs. This collection of both lifestyle and product shots have been digitally retouched to provide American Swiss with high end content for their catalogues and social media content, elevating the products to the peak of the brand.

This collection of images showcases American Swiss’s latest range of ‘Bird Rings’ including the Flamingo, Swan & Mountain Blue Bird cocktail rings, as well as a variety of other pieces including rings, necklaces & earrings in support of their #LikeADiamond campaign. With jewellery photography, attention to every detail is needed to highlight the intricacy of each piece and it is here that high end photographic retouching becomes so important in finishing each image, and bringing the details to the fore.

Creative: Duane Howard & Nicola Parker