Sett Digital was given the opportunity to come on board the Kia Sorento project to adapt global assets for the local South African market. This specifically included the updating of existing photography to include the new Kia brand logo to produce multiple images for use.

CGI was required to achieve this, and a partner was engaged to model and render multiple angles and perspectives of the car badge using the new logo within different scenarios – front, and back; it’s key chain, interior and exterior – and environments.

The Sett Digital team was then tasked with rebuilding the detail and visual information after the existing badge had been removed from the original asset. Attention to detail of placement, depth of field and balance of light and colour were all integral in achieving a seamless effect, as well as introducing new natural reflections for the new badge to create a realistic substitution of all elements.

Retouched for Old Friends Young Talent Agency
Creative Director: Tania Barker
Retouching by Sett Digital