High-end Photo Retouching

When it comes to creative retouching, we set the industry standard for attention to detail and craftsmanship. Allow us to perfect your images using a process that involves seamless integration, lighting balance, final treatment and colour grade.

Stills Video Animation

Moving image - stills elements, photographic and other, then mastering using the Video Medium. Perfect for online media channels.

Creative Production Management

Make use of our vast expertise in-house. We’ll manage any visual production project from start to final proof. We are able to assist with photography, photo editing, art buying and more. Plus, we’re willing to share valuable insights into design, CGI, 3D illustration and all the other magical things we’re capable of.

Photo illustration

This technique integrates photography with vector artwork and textures. After a few flourishes and finishing touches, the final product looks entirely photographic.

CGI Retouching

We co-create impactful visuals in collaboration with skilled CGi artists who apply their craft to visual elements needed for 2D stills composition.

Colour management

We manage colour across all mediums. Let us take care of the technology so you don’t have to.

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