Seamless 360 Degree Environment

Omo “don’t fear the dirt”

Project overview

Pre production

Brand concept interpretation

Creative Direction and Rough Visual development

Location scouting, testing and final selection

Multiple scenario planning and alignment with concept

Photographic Origination

360 degree Environment – Multiple Photographic Plate stitch shot on a Nikon D800 with a 14mm lens and a Precision 360 Head…

100 plus individual visual elements comprising both talent and props

Combination of in Studio shoot for One day – plus the use of online Stock Image resources.

Key innovations prior to and during Post

  • Research, develop and integrate latest Spherical map Image Editing functionality with studio workflow
  • Actively tracking edits between Equirectangular and Spherical Panoramic formats
  • Working at optimal high resolution resolution to facilitate detail and clarity for online “Zoom In” functionality

• Lighting direction, lighting balance, lighting correction and integration across multiple elements with inherent lighting differences

• Working to align with timeline and deadline requirements

• Establishing revised workflow 3 quarters of the way through the project due to erratic and unpredictable software functionality

The result – This Seamless 360 Degree Environment